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We provide simple, to-the-point audits for direct-to-consumer brands wanting to boost conversion & strengthen brand loyalty.

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What is an Oddit?

Oddit is your brand's guide to growth. It’s easy to use, and full of personalized advice from true industry veterans.

Expert insight into every detail of your DTC brand.

True DTC brand & ecommerce pro's dive into every detail of your DTC brand & site.

Recommendations prioritized for impact & ease.

Prioritized recommendations to help you improve your ecommerce conversion rate, sell more product, and build a stronger community.

A personalized roadmap to better performance

Use your Oddit as a roadmap to making your DTC ecommerce conversion, LTV, and AOV the best it's ever been.

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Simple, prioritized feedback.

Your Oddit feedback is broken into 4 groups to ensure clear next steps on what's most important.

Everything you need to reach the next level.


Build a better buyer journey

  • Screen by screen analysis to enhance the shopping experience
  • Make your customers purchasing decisions easier
  • Stay on trend and spot crucial CX flaws
  • Prioritized changes, A/B tests, and suggestions

Get better results from your site traffic

  • Improve messaging, call-to-actions, and flow
  • Increase sales, AOV and LTV
  • Improve conversion rates for paid, organic and other traffic sources

Boost brand loyalty & leave a lasting impression

  • Visual design, photography & messaging review
  • Align the brand positioning, UI, UX & communication across your site
  • Highlight features and interactions to strengthen brand and loyalty

Identify features & interactions to reach your goals faster

  • Remove typical frustration points caused through unnecessarily complications
  • Identify opportunities to better relate to users
  • Properly guide users in a natural and clear way

A personalized roadmap from proven experts

  • Personalized insight specific to your ecommerce brand
  • Your Oddit is completed by world-class UX designers, growth professionals & DTC founders
  • Recommendations are prioritized for both ease & impact

Don't take our word for it, see what the industry is saying.

We live and breathe DTC, but sometimes you get so close to your product or brand that you miss opportunities. Working with Oddit has been an absolute game changer – their insights constantly blow me away.

Nik Sharma

CEO, Sharma Brands

Mastery and attention to detail that can feel like the FBI, IRS, and NSA all coming to bare on your brand. But instead of jamming you up, they remove impediments, clear the roadblocks, and grease the wheels for rapid growth. You come out the other side feeling like you just had a 2-week juice cleanse.

Jess Bachman

Co-founder, FireTeam

We've seen up to 300% boost to conversion rate on client sites after implementing Oddit feedback. We use Oddit as part of our internal process for nearly every DTC client we work with. It's a no brainer.

Doug Van Spronsen

CEO, Versett

Oddit is going to be an absolute game changer for so many DTC brands! I’ve seen their work and can honestly say it's some of the most actionable & insightful feedback ever.

Bobby Palmieri

CEO, Lilo Social

Select the Oddit that's right for you.

It's time to boost your DTC conversion, and strengthen your brand loyalty.

Site Speed Optimization

Dramatically increase your Shopify store website speed. $749 USD

Site speed sells products – but the majority of websites we Oddit have serious speed issues that hamper growth. Increasing site speed will result in:

  • ✔ Quicker User Experience
  • ✔ Better Google Rankings
  • ✔ Decreased Bounce Rate
  • ✔ Increased Conversion Rate

Website conversion rates drop by upwards of 7% with each additional second of load time.

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Single Page

Detailed UX & Brand analysis of your single landing page. $1499 USD
  • ✔ Review on all screen widths
  • ✔ Detailed messaging and CTA feedback and suggestions
  • ✔ Navigation review
  • ✔ Full visual design & UI review including detailed CSS changes
  • ✔ Site architecture review to remove frustration points
  • ✔ Prioritized for both ease & impact
  • ✔ New feature recommendations
  • ✔ 20+ page report of all findings
  • ✔ 2 week turnaround
100% Money Back Guarantee Get Started

Full Website

Detailed UX & Brand analysis of your entire website. $3499 USD
  • ✔ Review on all screen widths
  • ✔ Detailed messaging and CTA feedback and suggestions
  • ✔ Navigation review
  • ✔ Full visual design & UI review including detailed CSS changes
  • ✔ Site architecture review to remove frustration points
  • ✔ Prioritized for both ease & impact
  • ✔ New feature recommendations
  • ✔ 50+ page report of all findings
  • ✔ 2 week turnaround
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Let our team cater an Oddit package just for your brand. Let's Talk

Let us tailor an Oddit package that suits your needs exactly – whether it's input on 2-3 key pages, or a package that includes full design and development support.

  • Optional additions include:
  • ✔ Agency White-Labeling
  • ✔ Wireframe Review
  • ✔ Performance Marketing
  • ✔ Access to preferred partners
  • ✔ SEO Analysis
  • ✔ Social Media Review
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60 Day Money Back Guarantee

We guarantee your Oddit will provide value. If you don't agree, let us know and we'll give you a 100% refund, no questions asked.

Who's behind my Oddit?

Oddit was founded by a highly experienced team of DTC brand, UX, and strategy professionals and founders.

Cameron Service

Cam has advised on UX for over a decade & was on the founding team for digital product agency, Versett.

User Experience
View LinkedIn

Chris Mikulin

A true expert in paid social, digital strategy & performance marketing - and sweet yoyo tricks.

Conversion and Growth
View LinkedIn

Shaun Brandt

Shaun is a serial entrepreneur & performance branding expert behind numerous DTC brands.

Branding & Visual Design
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can't find what you're looking for? Send us an email and we'll get back to you shortly. Ask Oddit a Question

What happens after I recieve my Oddit?

We intend for each Oddit to have a lot of ideas you & your team can execute and begin testing right away, as well as bigger future considerations. We can provide a list of trusted partners to help execute recommendations if needed.

How does the Oddit process kickoff?

Each Oddit starts with a simple questionnaire. This helps us understand any planned changes, specific concerns, and other details to ensure you're getting the most value out of your Oddit.

How long will it take to recieve my Oddit?

Our typical turn around time is 2 weeks from the time the onboarding questionnaire is submitted. We're real people, giving real feedback so it takes us a bit of time to make sure we're providing the most value to you as possible.

Is my brand too small for an Oddit?

As long as you're committed about taking your brand to the next level, we believe Oddit is always a great fit. Brands that are early in their life cycle are typically more agile & able to incorporate larger shifts in strategy.

Will the Oddit team make updates to my site?

Once we've completed your Oddit, you'll have a guide for what should be done to get the most out of your site. By request we can introduce our execution partner, who will provide a quote based on the scale and type of work involved to carry out all the suggestions you're comfortable with.

Our e-commerce site is designed, but not built yet. Can you provide an Oddit at this stage?

You bet, working in our initial input should give you a serious leg up once you kick off, plus things are always easier to adjust before they are built.

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